4 Perspectives To Help With Keeping Faith In God During Hard Times

Christ calls us to keep faith. The difficulty in keeping faith comes when your heart is broken from one defeat after or failure after another. At some point we all deal with things in life that make keeping faith a struggle and at times these events may even seem impossible. It is important to remember that this world promises trouble as a result of sin. There are 4 perspectives to keep in mind that will help build a comforting relationship between you and God.

1. God Wants Us To Point to Him When We Have Been Rescued

Could you imagine where we would be if Israel just quit moving in the desert or returned to Egypt? They wandered for 40 years and an entire generation died before the people of Israel found a home. What if Joshua walked away from Jericho instead of around it? Or if Daniel had cursed God when he was thrown into the lions den? What if Job turned his back on God after losing everything instead of reaching to God for mercy? What if Jesus quit instead of walking Himself to His own crucifixion? The simple answer is that we would have no hope.

The obstacles that had to be overcome in each of these events were God sized. The persistent acts faith in each of these events lead to great blessings. They couldn’t have gotten through any of these struggles without the help of God. Their survival and success pointed directly to God’s glory, grace and love for them.

2. Jesus Suffered On Earth So Why Shouldn’t We?

Strengthen your faith by understanding that Jesus, the son of God carried a burden.

If Jesus Didn’t Get to Walk This Earth Burden Free Then Neither Should We

There is nothing in this world that we can face that could even come close to the burden of carrying the sin of the world to that cross. If Jesus, the son of God didn’t get to walk this earth without burden, without pain or suffering, then why should we expect not to have any? The troubles, worries and sorrows of this life are part of this world. We should set the expectation that they will come. We can keep faith by knowing that Jesus is with us and that if He is powerful enough to conquer death then He is powerful enough to carry us through it all.

Our faith should reach the point where we don’t take our eyes off of Jesus. It should reach the point that we faithfully smile in the good and bad times. God made these moments in your life to strengthen you, to show you that you have plenty to be thankful for and to glorify Him.

3. God Wants You To Strengthen Your Faith

God wants us to reach for Him out of instinct and to rest in Him regardless of the circumstances. In Matthew 14:22-33, After Peter saw Jesus walk on water Peter asked Jesus to call him out on the water with Jesus. Jesus called Peter out and I can imagine that at that point Peter felt invincible. He had faith in Christ and then willingly stepped out of the boat. From the second that Peters foot touched the water the strength of his faith was being tested. When Peter needed his faith the most he lost it and let fear take over. Peter started to sink and had he not called out to Jesus for help, had he not remembered the source of his strength Peter could have lost his life.

When we proclaim Christ and we say to Him, “Lord I am ready! Bring me to you” and Jesus does just that we put ourselves in the position to show faith. This is the critical part where we need to show God that we are serious. It is by grace through faith that we are saved and if we take our eyes off of Christ in the moment of trouble then we risk our lives just like Peter did.

4. God Will Use Your Story To Help Others Grow In Christ

In that final verse of Matthew 14:22-33 the disciples proclaim “You are Certainly the Son of God” showing that Peters trouble was a method not only for building Peters faith in God but also the rest of the disciples as well. When you honor God and take His hand so that you can triumph over your struggles it is a means to help build faith in others.

This is your opportunity to heal with God, to grow in Christ and to let his light shine through you to others.


Whatever it is that is happening in your life right now just remind yourself that when you overcome this God sized obstacle in your life, when you have been rescued you can point to God. Jesus didn’t walk this earth burden free, neither should we. If he can carry the sin of the world then he can certainly carry you through anything. This is an opportunity for you to test and strengthen your faith and He will use your story to help grow others to be more like Christ

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Thank You and God Bless!