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Psalm 63:1 Thirst For God In A Dry and Parched Land Where There Is No Water

psalm 63:1

Psalm 63:1 When the land that King David was in provided no nourishment he turned to the LORD. This act was in complete recognition of the fact that it is God who provides all nourishment. It is God that would truly satisfy his cravings. David goes on

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How To Know You Are Received The Blessing of the Lord

One Way To Know You Received The Blessing of the Lord   Life as a whole is a blessing. Most of us are working for or seeking something. God tells us that it isn’t the work we do today in order to be a success. When we have

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A Good Christian’s Sorrow

What Is A Good Christian’s Sorrow? God, under the right circumstances wants us to feel sorrow. You may question the validity of such a statement but it is true. The sorrow that He wants us to feel is not your everyday run of the mill sadness. This

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Waiting For the Perfect Time Before Taking the Next Step with Christ?

Are you waiting to change yourself or for something to happen before you take the next step in your walk with Christ? Maybe you are waiting for God to be a little more direct. Odds are that you’ll be waiting a long time in any of those

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Would You Be Afraid If Jesus Was There?

If Something was going wrong right now would you be afraid if Jesus was right next to you?    That is a very revealing question. Let’s set the stage a little better.  You are sitting on the couch with the Lord himself watching some Pureflix when out

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