Real Heroes Make Disciples

The last verse in the book of Matthew tells us to go and make disciples. While Jesus  was here physically on this earth that is exactly what He did and it is what He has called us all to do. The world would be so much different if we all did just that.

The real hero is the one who goes and makes disciples.

That is where our latest shirt comes in, we can help spread the message of Jesus and Discipleship by recognizing and displaying that He is the real Hero.

Now this didn’t start out as a complete idea. It originally started out to show that Jesus is the real hero but it wasn’t until several design ideas later that we decided on the final product.

What better way to show that He is the hero in a single image then to show Him saving the Avengers through Baptism. Of course the image, as you will see portrays the public declaration portion of Baptism not necessarily the spiritual Baptism. However, you might conclude that because Jesus himself is performing the Baptism this may be a two for one deal.

First I started with a basic idea, what did I want the picture to look like. Who did I want in the picture and how should they be positioned. There were several initial sketches but only the final image is shown here. The image is crude and lacks a lot of artistic effort but keep in mind that this is just to get the idea down on paper.

Initial Design Sketch


Once I decided on the final idea I went back. Faded out the sketch outlines and drew in some solid framework.  You can start to get a real idea of who is who from this next image.

Framework – Real Heroes Make Disciples


The next stage was to put down some solid line work. This part of the process, at least for me is a balance between laying down some sketch lines and refining those lines as I go. As I progress through the steps in the process you might notice that some of the forms and placements of the figures change. Spiderman’s pose changes a good amount and Thor’s hands are in a completely different position. In this part of the process it is all about refinement. What works and what doesn’t for the picture and my skill level.  I struggled a lot with Thor and Iron man where as the other three figures came pretty quickly.

Final Line Work – Real Heroes Make Disciples

It was finally time to lay down some base color after hours of work.

Base Color – Real Heroes Make Disciples

This next part for me was where the real magic in the image started to happen and it is really my personal favorite. When it came to shadowing and highlighting the image there is a subtle detail that most people will not notice and at first glance an experienced artist might think is a mistake. The lighting in the scene is projected from above onto Jesus and then from Jesus to everyone else.  Initially Jesus had very little shadowing but it proved difficult to make his figure convincing and to the same quality level as the other characters without placing any sort of lighting on him whatsoever.

If you aren’t aware, in the book of John 8:12 Jesus tells his followers that He is the light of the world. In the spirit of that verse and the truth I portrayed Jesus as the source of light for the other characters in the image.


Shadows – Real Heroes Make Disciples

The final step was placing the message; Real Heroes Make Disciples.

Real Heroes Make Disciples


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Real Heroes Make Disciples T-Shirt

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Thank you and God Bless!